About Us

President & Chief Consultant, Mr. Ravi Iyer, RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant) is highly qualified and aptly experienced in handling different applications of immigration in Canada and failed sponsorship appeals. He travels extensively worldwide and carries the wise knowledge and insight to guide clients in the best possible way. He is M.Com., MBA from Newport Beach , California, holds University Gold Medal in International Banking, and Kulapathi Award in Financial Management from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Contact Mr. Ravi Iyer at ravi@universalimmigration.com
Mr. Iyer is also Commissioner of Oaths in Ontario.

Mr. Sailesh Shankar, Director, Resettlement & Career Programs, responsible for assisting and aiding the clients in their most crucial period of transition. He handles settlement and helps choose careers for the immigrants. Mr. Sailesh has vast experience in Human Resources and has held esteemed positions in multinational corporations abroad. Contact Mr. Sailesh Shankar at sailesh@universalimmigration.com

Amal.jpgMr Amalsingh Badal, Vice President – Operations, is an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) and Member of Registre Québécois des Consultants en Immigration, has more than a decade of experience in immigration processes and as Chief Executive Officer of an Immigration company he has successfully migrated thousands of families to Canada/Quebec. He is holder of an Immigration Consultant Diploma from Ashton College, Canada, a Diploma in Management Studies from University of Mauritius and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from University of Surrey, UK. He is also multilingual and can fluently speak, read and write in French, English and Hindi.
The email of Mr. Amalsingh Badal is amal@universalimmigration.com

Mr. Nemadoothsingh Juddoo ( Sudesh), Barrister at Law- Mauritius, Legal Advisor and Business Development Consultant, Mauritius. ICCRC Member, Canada and also Licensed Practioner for Quebec Immigration.  Mr. Sudesh has been in regular practice before the Immigration Appeal Division, Canada handling spousal sponsorship appeals, adoption appeals, Convention refugee hearings, admissibility hearings, medical inadmissibility hearings and humanitarian & compassionate applications. Mr. Sudesh was Puisne Judge Supreme Court Seychelles and has dealt with all types of cases including civil claims (contract and tort), admiralty claims, succession, divorce, family matters, and criminal cases. Also member of the Constitutional Court of Seychelles to hear and determine Constitutional Cases. He is LLM from United Kingdom and a member of Global Bar Association.Contact Mr. Sudesh at : sudesh@universalimmigration.com

Ms. Candice Krishnan, Director, is very well experienced in handling and advising crucial clients with complex issues in immigration matters. Highly qualified and possesses great skill in administration and procedures. She is a Honors student from Humber college in Immigration Program. Contact Ms Candice Krishnan at candice@universalimmigration.com

Mr. Sourabh Kohli, Business Development Manager, has vast International experience in Hospitality industry and has been connected with various International events. He has traveled world across and carries creative and unequivocal knowledge to extend the business and footprints. He keeps a keen and vigilant eye on the market and responds by quickly incorporating new ideas and visions.
Contact Mr. Sourabh Kohli at sourabh@universalimmigration.com

Mr. Shekhar Pant is a highly enthusiastic, self motivated professional & a responsible person having International working experience. Graduated & worked in India for a decade & then in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa for nearly fourteen years. Bilingual, French & English, having excellent inter personal & communication skills. Prepares & manages independently the client’s case files & assists them in their process of immigration. He is an excellent team worker handling multiple tasks with great adaptability & dedication. Contact Mr. Shekhar Pant atshekhar.pant@universalimmigration.com

Ms. Veidhya Pradeep Kumar is a key member at Universal Immigration. She has years of experience in handling Immigration files and liaising with Immigration Department. She is always actively working in co-operation to make an immigration process easier for our clients around the globe interested in living and working in Canada, understanding their problems and anticipating their needs, proposing relevant solutions and delivering them, staying knowledgeable of new developments in Canadian Immigration Law and keeping clients informed. Contact Ms. Veidhya Pradeep Kumar at veidhya@universalimmigration.com

Mr. S. D. Shankar, IRS, a Class I officer of the Indian Revenue Service, after having worked in various capacities in Customs and Central Excise Departments, retired as Assistant Collector in 1992 and since then is practicing in Customs, Excise and Service Tax Laws. Mr. Shankar is the Director of Universal Immigration for Southern India Region. Contact Mr. Shankar at sdshankar@universalimmigration.com

At Universal Immigration

  • We are not the ones to claim superficial experiences
  • We are not the ones to boast non-verifiable testimonies
  • We are not the ones to guarantee results and create false hopes and
  • We are not going to paint rosy pictures to gain your clientele….

We are a fast growing, young and energetic team of Immigration Professionals. We are here to help immigrants create their future in a land full of opportunities. We guide our clients not only during the process of application but also at the settlement levels after entering Canada, all the while assuring utmost efficiency.

Universal Immigration is the registered business name of Universal Resettlement and Career Solutions Inc., a federally registered corporation in Canada.
Headquartered at Toronto Canada, Universal Immigration is a rapidly expanding and increasingly recommended organization thriving with the sole purpose of making the tedious process of immigration easier for our clients.

We have a fleet of highly trained, competent and gracious staff members, across the globe, working around the clock in this most demanding and competitive service industry to cater to your needs. Each and every application is subjected to high levels of analysis and treated accordingly by qualified ICCRC members. We are entirely committed to serve you and ensure total satisfaction and reliability. Our terms are tailor made to suit your capacity.

At Universal Immigration, we hold customer needs and satisfaction above everything else. We house skilled personnel whose experience is borne out of years of traveling the far reaches of the globe.

We look forward to being of service to you and of being granted the opportunity to prove our efficiency in representing your file with the Canadian Immigration. We guarantee that you will not regret this decision.