Quebec Immigration

Quebec Immigration

Skilled Worker Category

Quebec Immigration Ministry has announced the new QUOTA for 2015. In total 6300 applications will be accepted under the Skilled Worker Category.
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Permanent workers

The Ministere will receive a maximum of 6300 applications for a selection certificate under the Regular Skilled Worker Program.
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The Ministere will receive, between September 8 and 19, 2014, a maximum of 1750 applications for a selection certificate under the Investor Program, with a maximum of 1200 applications per country. If, after this period,
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Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers

The Ministere will accept a maximum of 500 applications for a selection certificate under the Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Worker programs.
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Areas of training

The 2013 List of areas of training reflects the Quebec job market outlook for immigrants.

All applications will be processed according to the new rules in effect as of August 1, 2013, with the exception of those for which processing began prior to that date.

More About Quebec

Quebec Skilled Worker Priority List for Permanent Resident

To know whether you are eligible or not, please send us your resume and also the resume of your spouse, if applicable.

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Quebec Immigration - Immigrants from Top five countries in 2010 :

Morocco - 5654
Algeria - 4442
France - 3835
Haiti - 3614
China - 3353
Columbia - 2237

Know Your Eligibility

If you are married, please include CV/resume of your spouse too and ages of children, if any.

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For those who want to study in Quebec, should send us their past educational qualifications by scan and also let us know their area of interest in education.

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